Fluid Studio / Nicholson School of Dance

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Nicholson School of Dance
11 Minerva Works
158 Fazeley St
B5 5RT

Saturday 23 September
5pm - 11pm
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This elegant mirrored dance school is the venue for experimental music and acoustic performances:

5.00pm Michael Wolters & Paul Norman perform ‘Worries’ (Text by Lucy Harvey)

7.00pm Yfat Soul Zisso performs 'Violet to Vita' & Daniel Versus The World and C N Lester each perform recent works.

8.30pm Rolf Hind leads ‘Gay Guerilla’, a rarely performed work by African-American composer Julius Eastman for 4 pianists, accompanied by Siwan Rhys, Yfat Soul Zisso and Steven Giles.

10.00pm Henry McPherson (pianist), Inkeri Kallio (mezzo soprano) & Adam Hall (cellist) perform ‘Savage Parade’, specially devised for Fluid Festival


This project is supported by the Composer-Curator programme by Sound and Music