FLUID is a brand new music festival that presents a weekend of new Queer sound and music by an extraordinary line-up of composers, experimental electronic musicians and hot new talent.

As part of the Composer-Curator 2017 run by Sound and Music and with support from Arts Council Englnd and Birmingham Weekender, Fluid is a pilot for a new kind of festival that has been curated by Trevor Pitt. Trevor is an artist and independent curator based in Birmingham who hosts weekly radio show Sleeve Notes Sessions on Brum Radio and is currently writing an opera about about Ludgwig Wittgenstein's relationship with David Pinsent.

The aims of the pilot for FLUID are to:
• Create a platform to present new music composed by Queer identifying composers
• Commission and curate a challenging programme of new music
• Provide a forum to share ideas and foster new collaborations
• Enable debate and discussion during the festival and associated radio programming
• Bring together a range of partners across genres, forms and disciplines
• Test out ideas and ways working


This project is supported by the Composer-Curator programme by Sound and Music