James Lawrence Slattery

James Lawrence Slattery & Bunny Gamer curate a programme of screenings.

Siren Songs a seductive, eclectic and eccentric audio visual mixtape curated for your pleasure /// listen with your eyes /// touch with your ears.

The screenings will feature work by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards, Ivan Robirosa, Jim Warrier (aka Minuek ), Tom Doherty and James Lawrence Slattery, with added siren ornamentation for your pleasure. Videos will include snippets, fragments and remixed visual and aural voices that constantly warp and shift. Multiplicity forever!

James Lawrence Slattery recently graduated a Masters in Film Aesthetics from University of Oxford they now spends a lot of time reading in their bedroom, going to the cinema, drinking wine and drawing on their face.

Art: www.jamesls.tumblr.com
Film Reviews and Critique: www.tobereel.tumblr.com
Siren Archive: www.sirenarchive.tumblr.com


This project is supported by the Composer-Curator programme by Sound and Music